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Can sausages be reheated?

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hiccymapops Sat 24-Sep-11 16:43:42

Cooked some sausages last night, some left in the fridge. I've never reheated sausages. Can you?

rockinastocking Sat 24-Sep-11 16:47:29

You can buy cooked cocktail sausages to reheat, can't you?

hiccymapops Sat 24-Sep-11 16:48:57

That's what made me wonder. Might just let them pick at them cold later if they want, to be on the safe side.

AuntieMonica Sat 24-Sep-11 16:50:07

i do this all the time would be careful

usualsuspect Sat 24-Sep-11 16:51:18

yes you can

hocuspontas Sat 24-Sep-11 16:54:38

I usually put left-over sausages into a pasta bake and no-one's suffered any side-effects (yet).

hiccymapops Sat 24-Sep-11 16:58:37

Thank you all for the replies smile

Bamaluz Sat 24-Sep-11 17:20:53

Oh yes, I had a (reheated) sausage sandwich with a cup of tea while watching the rugby this morning, lovely.

Just make sure they're reheated thoroughly.

MCos Wed 28-Sep-11 20:00:49

I stick left over day-old sausages in the microwave. Only myself and DD2 will eat sausages, so I don't do them very often.

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