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Food phobia in our 3.5 year old

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BentleyBling Fri 23-Sep-11 14:06:29

Hi, our 3.5 year old boy has a massive food phobia. He only eats certain things never tries anything new. He has jam on toast or jam sandwich every meal and also eats yoghuts and certain (known) biscuits and chocolates. He would rather go without than even touch other foods and freaks out if he is near them

He is very small for his age but developmentally he is fine. He has less energy than other kids his age which is obviously upsetting. He also is more prone to tiredness, mood swings and illnesses. He also has problems with digestion and pooing (for which we give him prescribed medecine).

This phobia has developed (so we are told) following really bad reflux as a baby. His little sister eats for England but that doesn't seem to inspire him.

We are seeing dieticians and they are not too concerned from a physical point of view.

Anyway, we are having a bad week so just wandered if any other parents had experience of this sort of phobia (NB different to fussy eating!) and if so when and how did their child improve?


Samvet Fri 23-Sep-11 14:09:00

You should re post in behavior/development and/or children's health for more responses.

BentleyBling Fri 23-Sep-11 14:15:42

ok thanks!

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