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What's the chocolate icing called that you make, pour over a cake and then it sets?!

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Snowstorm Thu 22-Sep-11 11:36:54

Have got a complete blank!

SofaQueen Thu 22-Sep-11 11:38:00

Do you mean ganache?

ArmageddonOuttahere Thu 22-Sep-11 11:38:57

It made me think of Ice Magic, but that's just for ice cream, right? <drools at memory>

Snowstorm Thu 22-Sep-11 13:51:38

Ganache - that's the one! Thanks very much. Now to Google a recipe for it for DD's birthday cake.

sc4rl3t Thu 22-Sep-11 15:51:54

Ganache doesn't really set, it's more of a thick fudgey thing.
I think you might want to look at glace [with an accent] which is shiny and looks great on top of a cake - it's thin too.
Gently melt together 50g grated chocolate, 1 tbsp water, 2 tsp butter and 100g icing sugar.
Let us know how it goes

Snowstorm Thu 22-Sep-11 17:59:24

Oh .... might be glace icing - will Google that too! She just wants a cake with drippy chocolate icing down the sides, like in cartoons etc.

tb Fri 23-Sep-11 20:44:29

One from Larousse is

65g butter
150g melted plain choc

Melt together, allow to cool a little and pour over cake.

Your can also beat/whip with a balloon whisk to form and it forms a sort of frosting type icing that you can spread with a palette knife. Named as picky-cake icing by dd for obvious reasons. (We came down the following morning to find holes where it had been picked at.)

Snowstorm Sun 25-Sep-11 09:30:39

Oooh thanks! Will definitely try that.

Scootergrrrl Sun 25-Sep-11 09:33:31

Best chocolate ganache ever (and makes good drips!) is a tin of condensed milk mixed with 250g melted chocolate. Just heat it all together gently in a pan and splodge on.

Waswondering Sun 25-Sep-11 09:35:01

Scootergrrl .... yum!

Snowstorm Mon 26-Sep-11 14:10:56

Got a few birthdays coming up - will try that one too! Now not to lose this thread until I need it ...

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