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Lamb chop soup?? Or something to freeze?

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BackToB4Beatrice Sun 18-Sep-11 22:29:01

I have about 15 lamb chops (don't ask!), and I need to cook them tomorrow, preferably making something I can freeze as we are all lamb-ed out right now, having had lamb three nights on the bounce.

Firstly- I'm not sure if they have been frozen- possibly. Can I cook and re-freeze?

Also- what can I make? I have a leg bone also to maybe make a stock, a small bowl of leg meat, and all these bloody chops?!

Please tell me what to do with them! Too much food to just waste and also on Eco- drive so if I can make another (maybe two) meals from them would be great!

TIA MNers!!

Beatrice x

kellestar Sun 18-Sep-11 22:48:50

You can freeze again once cooked.

How about a lamb tagine, I think I'd cut the meat free from the bone and dice. Or a nice lamb casserole. Both are regular slow cooker meals that freeze well. FiL would insist on moussaka. DH would happily gnaw on the roasted bones.

If you do use the bones to make stock, roast them first to get some yummy flavour, chuck an onion, carrot and whatever veg you have in with some rosemary, then pick off the remaining meat, good for hot lamb sarnie and boil the bones. Strain to remove fat. Freezes well.

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