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Family dinner: Coronation chicken, salad, crusty bread- OK?

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Erebus Sun 18-Sep-11 21:11:31

This week I will be home from work one evening at 6pm and need to be able to feed the family, i.e.DH, two DSs, 10 & 12 plus my mother (78) her sister and her brother! It's a family reunion thing though this isn't the celebratory meal iyswim, but it will be the first and only time I will have all 3 over here.

As I am working late, I need to cook in advance and I am wondering whether to do the above for them, plus a dessert. Or with 3-colour rice instead of the bread. DH will be home at 5.30 so can get the show on the road before I get in.

What do you think?

lilolilmanchester Mon 19-Sep-11 00:25:01

Erebus, I think that sounds lovely and perfectly fine for the occasion.
If you are looking for alternatives, you could do a stew/casserole which would just need to be reheated - but I love Coronation chicken. It's also lovely as a baked potato topper - maybe you could do potatoes too?

Erebus Tue 20-Sep-11 09:55:11

Ah ha! Baked spuds- Good idea! Thanks!

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