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Quick! Need help with seafood spaghetti, please!

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winnybella Sun 18-Sep-11 11:27:16

Went to the market and got fresh gambas and octopus (calamari?). Due to DS incessant chatting forgot to buy clams.

Anyway, IIRC, you just saute the gambas in a pan/wok, right? And octopus-it's fresh, in one piece, so I need to cut it into rings- do I just saute it as well or do I need to cook iot first? I remember doing it once and the guy who sold the seafood to me told me to just sautee it.

Do I make the sauce (white wine, garlic, chilli, persil) first and saute the seafood in it, or cook the gambas and octopus first, then add sauce?

Can't find anything on the net confused. Would very much appreciate advice/link to a recipe, as it has to be ready in an hour!

ForYourDreamsAreChina Sun 18-Sep-11 11:32:48

Is it a big octopus? If so you are better off boiling it in big pan of salted water till it turns purpley. (it might be tough,kind of like big squid can sometimes be otherwise)

The prawns will be fine just chucked around in a pan. I would probably do the octopus as a starter, warm with olive oil, garlic and parsley...and then the spag with the prawns as a main, because I find octopus a bit meaty with another seafood together IYSWIM? I would saute the prawns then add the rest of the sauce ingredients,white wine first, to kind of flambe the prawns, then the garlic and chili (otherwise might burn the garlic)

Rick Stein would prob be your man to google for a recipe.

winnybella Sun 18-Sep-11 12:25:44

Thanks. It's not octopus, it's squid, quite small.

Found a recipe online, but it says to to butter and olive oil and garlic first and then add the seafood,then remove the seafood and keep on reducing the sauce for few minutes, but I agree with you that the garlic by that time would be all burnt and bitter.

Ok, here I go.

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