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How would you layer this lasagne?

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JoyceBarnaby Sat 17-Sep-11 12:48:43

I'm making a lasagne with a creamy courgette and rocket filling. I like a crispy, cheesy top to a lasagne so I'll use béchamel with Parmesan on the top. I want to add a simple garlicky tomato sauce somewhere but I'm not sure where best to add it. A layer on it's own? Or do I run the risk of it mixing with the courgette mixture and go pasta, tomato, courgette stuff and repeat as necessary?

All thoughts welcome! TIA

BikeRunSki Sat 17-Sep-11 12:51:16

Layer of courgettey stuff, layer of tomatoey stuff, cheesey layer.

HoneyPablo Sat 17-Sep-11 12:56:50

bechamel and cheese

CMOTdibbler Sat 17-Sep-11 12:58:04

I'd do the layers as courgette, pasta, tomato,pasta, courgette, pasta, cheesy

JoyceBarnaby Sat 17-Sep-11 13:19:49

Brilliant - thanks all. I think I'm going to go with Dibbler. Fingers crossed!

ChippingIn Sat 17-Sep-11 13:23:39

I think it's essential to have this product tested. I will PM you the address to enable you to comply with the regulations.


CMOTdibbler Sat 17-Sep-11 13:26:30

Do you have a link to the recipe btw - it does sound super nice

JoyceBarnaby Sat 17-Sep-11 23:02:50

I am pleased to report that Dibbler's combination worked a treat and the resulting lasagne was very yummy indeed!

Dibbler - I've adapted a recipe by Gino D'Campo for courgette and rocket cannelloni. [[ here]] I made the courgette mixture as per his recipe and layered it up as you suggested. I made the tomato layer by very slowly frying some red onion and adding a carton of Sainsbury's chopped tomatoes with garlic and olive oil. I simmered it for a bit to thicken it. I served the whole thing with salad and a garlic and rosemary flatbread.

JoyceBarnaby Sat 17-Sep-11 23:03:58

Mmm, ok - that link didn't work! Don't think I can do it from my phone - google the recipe title and it will come up. HTH!

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