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What is the most fabulous recipe you have ever made?

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Lizcat Thu 15-Sep-11 16:43:05

Cooking is my hobby. I have a wide variety of cook books love trying new techniques etc. I am interested in what everyone else has been most proud of cooking.
I have to admit mine is not just one recipe, it is a Thai/Cambodian Banquet I made for my friends last year Beef Musimann, Thai Fish Curry, Cambodian Pork and Pineapple curry, fish satay and chicken satay. I made everything from scratch it tasted great and my friends several of whom travel extensively in the Far East loved it.

Cheria Thu 15-Sep-11 16:51:47

Pies. I have been cooking for years, but about a year ago (could have sth to do with the fact I was pregnant, abroad and craving English food) I started to bake pies.

Best so far is Jamie's Steak and Guiness pie, though my made up chicken and leek came close.

Most of the time I cook French things though, as this is where I learned. I do great eggs en meurette.

Cheria Thu 15-Sep-11 16:52:18

I do pretty good curry too, but can't count them as they are basically ready made pastes that I add stuff too grin

MakesCakesWhenStressed Thu 15-Sep-11 16:54:35

I love the recipe for a chicken and tarragon dauphinoise I have - absolutely delicious.

But I have many fabulous recipes. James martin's chocolate mousse cake, my mum's moroccan lamb, Delia's chicken jambalaya, just a good homemade lasagne.
And you can;t beat a really good roast.

GinSlinger Thu 15-Sep-11 17:19:38

I did a wonderful duck in cherry sauce which I was so excited by I ended up serving on 3 different occasions to the same guests

not the same duck obviously

Xiaoxiong Fri 16-Sep-11 14:06:53

I made an enormous moghlai biryani with saffron and apricots and lamb for a party once - recipe from the Madhur Jaffrey Curry Bible. It is the most fabulous and impressive recipe I have ever managed to pull off.

DH claims to still dream about it - if it didn't take an entire bloody weekend to make we might have it more often!! grin

(this is a slightly modified version of the recipe but gives you an idea how long it takes)

frenchfancy Fri 16-Sep-11 20:04:40

Anything with pastry, but particularly lemon tart, I have never tasted better.

My profriteroles are pretty good too.

Auntiestablishment Sun 25-Sep-11 19:14:47

Tartiflette is pretty great. Waitrose stocks the Reblochon cheese you need.

I do it approximately this way, but it's more than rich enough without the cream. Tip: slice the cheese horizontally so you have big cheese wheels, not slices.

You can make a vegetarian version by swapping the bacon for mushrooms.

If I hadn't just had roast beef and finally worked out the secret of roast potatoes like my grandma's (use beef brisket, cook the potatoes slowly around the meat so they suck up the juices), my mouth would be watering.

Conflugenglugen Sun 25-Sep-11 19:24:19

Chicken Dopiaza in the book by Camellia Panjabi - 50 Great Curries of India. It was incredibly time-consuming, but worth every minute spent chopping, grating and straining onions.

breastfeedingbride Fri 30-Sep-11 01:53:42

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Taffeta Fri 30-Sep-11 13:37:04

A dhal recipe my Indian friend gave me - its has red lentils and rice cooked in with it, and DH, who is a real curry snob, said it is the best he has ever had.

Its also easy to make. grin

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