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Dinner challenge - fennel and other bits and bobs

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Xiaoxiong Sat 10-Sep-11 10:58:01

I always love these threads myself but as I am distracted with round ligament pain and the RWC I thought I'd throw it open to the floor. I always love seeing how others come up with meals so now you can all see how I roll.

Dinner tonight for 5 adventurous adults, 3 will be coming from an afternoon of rugby so I think white fish might be too light. Will be going to Sainsbo's later so can pick up anything then.

I have all standard storecupboard stuff, and various random things about, including:
a large bulb of fennel (with fronds)
four large beets
head of savoy cabbage
bag of baby chard
green salad stuff (lettuce, avo, feta, pine nuts, celery etc)
three smallish red peppers

So I am turning over in my mind...a green salad for sure, some meat dish, and then a fennel potato gratin or mash with sauteed fennel? Main dish might need a sauce of some kind then...

Pork cooked in milk with bay?
Pork cooked with leeks and green peppercorns?
Chicken legs and thighs roasted on a bed of fennel/carrots/celery? (in which case - plain mash to accompany? or colcannon?)

Nothing in house at all for dessert so open to suggestions!

(NB: x posted in Recipes)

pickgo Sat 10-Sep-11 11:00:37

if in pain get them to bring takeway grin

Xiaoxiong Sat 10-Sep-11 11:09:14

Haha thanks pick - I will definitely keep that in mind if it gets any worse but generally I find cooking relaxing so looking forward to an afternoon of pottering about in the kitchen. It's just the planning and menu creation bit that I'm finding too difficult this morning!

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