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Does anyone get snack boxes from graze? Are they nice/worth it?

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yellowflowers Sun 04-Sep-11 10:23:41

just wondered. I eat too many biscuits. Maybe a healthy snack box would be good. Obv cheaper to make my own but I don't.

TheMonster Sun 04-Sep-11 11:23:16

They are ok if you have the half price codes, but otherwise are very expensive. I got them a few times but them stopped.

Flisspaps Sun 04-Sep-11 11:24:31

We only got the free and half-price ones, but then stopped, they're expensive at full price. And I'd eat the whole box in one go and then feel hungry again later.

Shinyshoes1 Sun 04-Sep-11 11:25:06

I still get charged £2.99 . I think the price has risen to £3.49. We've been getting them for about 2 years now

My daughter loves them and we get them once a fortnight from them.

The freshest fruit i've ever tasted and some unusual combos too.

Deffo recommend

HollyBollyBooBoo Mon 05-Sep-11 21:04:14

Not nice, not worth it. Buy some nuts, dried fruit, choc covered raisins etc and make your own up!

belledechocchipcookie Mon 05-Sep-11 21:08:08

It's cheaper to go to Holland and Barretts. I had them for a few months, I got pretty bored with the combinations, there's only so many seeds and nuts one person can eat. I did pick my favourites as much as I could but I had nuts or seeds pretty much every week. I wouldn't bother again.

CitizenOscar Mon 05-Sep-11 21:13:19

They are nice but they're not worth it really. On the other hand they have helped cut down our haribo habit...

multipoodles Tue 04-Oct-11 12:35:55

They have always had the best quality of fruit and nuts in them, but variety seems to haved a little. We started with them about 2 years ago and the summer fruits were lovely, never had a repeat all summer then this summer only ever seems to get apples or grapes! Their pinnapple and strawberries were lovely. Definately better quality nuts and seeds than H&B but at a premium price sad

studentdesignresearch Wed 05-Oct-11 13:49:23

i think they are expensive for what they are but worth buying for the free ones or discounted ones, i have been receiving them for about a month now. i think i am going to stop now as i cant really afford them, but once you have seen what they are like, it is easy to make them up yourself for a quarter of the price and maybe buy some little boxes or bags to make them up. the only problem i had with them is that, they are healthier than biscuits and cakes, but there is still no way of stopping me munching through all four in one go and it workign out as a very expensive, high calorie snack.
they are easy to replicate, but i would say definately try it out.

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