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Any ideas for Christmas day starters?

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spruceylucy5 Fri 09-Dec-05 23:02:54

I know this is boring , thats why I need inspiration

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OhLittleBitShyOfBethlehem Fri 09-Dec-05 23:04:02

we're doing melon and parma ham.... easy but yummy.

bonchance Fri 09-Dec-05 23:05:25

Smoked Salmon and toast triangles with small green salad

NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles Fri 09-Dec-05 23:10:26

Prawn cocktails

spruceylucy5 Fri 09-Dec-05 23:11:18

Thanks my dad always does Prawn cocktail and it's so boring. [ungrateful daughter emotion]

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spruceylucy5 Fri 09-Dec-05 23:11:57

Sorry new bethlehem x posts

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jamiesam Fri 09-Dec-05 23:13:52

You think prawn cocktail is boring - I still serve heinz tomato soup, as it's what my mum always used to serve (god knows why this was thought any sort of treat, I'm sure we weren't THAT poor)

spruceylucy5 Fri 09-Dec-05 23:14:37

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NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles Fri 09-Dec-05 23:16:36

Well that told me didn't it!

I only said that because it's what my MIL does every year!

spruceylucy5 Fri 09-Dec-05 23:17:48

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jamiesam Fri 09-Dec-05 23:20:40

Blame me for drawing attention to it.

At least prawn cocktail is more 60's/70's than my/mum's 1950's tomato soup.

spruceylucy5 Fri 09-Dec-05 23:24:40

i think i'll have tomato soup with prawns in

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NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles Fri 09-Dec-05 23:25:01

Don't blush Sprucey!

hellsbellsdownunder Fri 09-Dec-05 23:25:04

Prawn cocktail is still my all time favourite starter - especially with avocado.

How about pate and toast?
Smoked salmon?
Mackerel and horseradish?
Melon and port?

AChristmasCarolinamoon Fri 09-Dec-05 23:42:03

French onion soup a la delia. You make the soup itself the day before and just warm it up and add the giant croutons and gruyere on the day.

Skrimble Fri 09-Dec-05 23:55:45

I have done the Pate with toast but always burn the toast now i get fancy crackers and stick on a blob of cranberry suace, lovely and quick. My 2nd fridge still stinks of the prawns my MIl had in it last year for boxing day starters , thank goodness its in the hut.

ISawFrannyandZooeyKissingSanta Sat 10-Dec-05 07:39:37

And nibbles, while you're all feeling inspired? I am in charge of nibbles this year (I think that's all they could trust me to provide without including lentils or tofu).

Auntybrandybutter Sat 10-Dec-05 09:20:20

we usually have soup, then pate then the main

NotQuiteCockney Sat 10-Dec-05 09:23:51

Filo parcels, with cranberry and soft cheese inside?

Damn, I'm going to be doing Xmas next year I think, and am really dreading it. I'm going back to hiding from these threads.

sobernoel Sat 10-Dec-05 09:27:40

My mum always served

Royal Game Soup
Prawn Cocktail
Steak in pastry with stilton sauce, plus asparagus and roast potatoes
Mince pies
Cheese & Biscuits

Dh is veggie and I'm not, so we're still trying to find what suits us, I do garlic mushrooms as a starter and then he has nut roast with traditional trimmings and I have steak. We are arguing at the moment about whether to eat at lunchtime or in the evening (I've always hated a big roast lunch in the middle of the day)

spruceylucy5 Sat 10-Dec-05 09:49:07

mmm, filo parcels sound lovely! Do you have a recipe?

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NotQuiteCockney Sat 10-Dec-05 15:56:50

Um, spruceylucy, I don't think I had a recipe. Just some brie, some dried cranberries ... oh, no, wait, I actually made cranberry sauce using dried cranberries, orange juice, and some other stuff, then mixed it with brie, then made parcels with filo.

Anyway, here is a recipe I found online.

GingerBearingGifts Sat 10-Dec-05 15:58:22

carrot and parsnip soup

Nightynight Sat 10-Dec-05 16:35:59

how do you make prawn cocktail anyway?

we were too poor to afford it in the 70s.

Skrimble Sat 10-Dec-05 22:20:29

ISawFrannyandZooeyKissingSanta- have a look at the packs of party foods in Ieland 3 for a £5. Tesxco doing similar 2 for £5. Icelands have worked it so they all go in the same temp oven, ideal for Christamas eve nibbles.

Nighty night- I hate prawns but MIL gets a bag of the frozen ones, defrosts them, put shredded lettuce in individual glass dishes, mix prwans with a jar of seafood sauce and put on top of lettuce, top with a wedge of lemon.

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