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Freezable pasta sauce recipes - fish or veggie please!

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magicmummy1 Tue 30-Aug-11 12:06:30

I often don't feel like cooking when I come home from work and so I do a lot of batch cooking which I then defrost as required. However, I have been known to rely on ready-made pasta sauces as a standby, which I would rather avoid.

I am therefore wondering if anyone could recommend some freezable pasta sauces that I could whip out of the freezer on those nights when I really can't be bothered. We don't eat any meat, so would need to be fish or veggie please.


minipie Wed 31-Aug-11 12:03:43

Anything tomato based will freeze well - so basic tomato sauce, or jazzed up versions with aubergine/courgettes/red peppers etc.

Veggie bolognese/veggie lasagne.

Pesto freezes ok I think.

I think cream based sauces freeze ok but not too sure... maybe try some and see! for example mushrooms, spinach and cream is a regular pasta sauce option here. I think that would freeze ok, you'd just have to be careful to defrost it slowly so as not to overcook the cream.

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