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portion sizes - 20 month old

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lazzaroo Mon 29-Aug-11 19:32:51

Just hoping someone out there has some easy to remmber tips on portion sizes. I don't fret too much about food as I really don't want little one to have any issues with eating. She is a good eater usually, but sometimes I worry that I dish up too much and she's getting used to unhealthy portions.

For breakfast she usually has cereal and/or toast. Then she has a snack mid-moring. When at home she often eats a whole snack-a-jack rice cake (they are quite big!!), as she typically has her long nap at about 10.30am/11ish and it helps her sleep though until lunch at about 12.30. She has a snack mid-afternoon, and then tea at 5ish. Sometimes she'll have a snack with her night time milk. She drinks about 700 mls milk a day (2 cups in the morning, and 2 at night - one before and one after bath).

She hasn't been officially weighed for a while, but we've tried at home and reckon she's about 29lb. She is also very active!

Iggly Mon 29-Aug-11 21:19:13

Well sounds ok to me! A rice cake is all waff and puff i.e. fairly empty calories so dont worry about those (have you ever eaten one?! They're like eating air!)

DS eats similar amounts (23 months).

At meal times, I use toddler plates and let him eat what he wants. If he's finished, he'll push his plate away - I wont encourage him to clear his plate so he can learn when he is full. That's the risk area - trying to get the kid to finish the plate or have just one more spoonful. Best to leave them to it!

I also give DS water in between meals - sometimes when he hasn't drunk in a while, he'll ask for a snack when he's probably thirsty. I don't do this every time he wants a snack! Just to make sure he gets plenty of water too as he can forget.

lazzaroo Tue 30-Aug-11 11:40:54

Thanks for your re-assuring reply. Little one always makes it very clear when she's had enough! she'll put her fork down and pass her plate to me. I'll stick with what we're doing for now smile I've always worried about her eating enough!!

AngelDog Sat 03-Sep-11 00:53:36

Sounds okay to me too. I just let 20 m.o. DS keep eating till he stops and don't worry about how much / little. It does vary from day to day.

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