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cows milk protein intolerance - I need advice!

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auntynon Sun 19-Oct-03 21:08:50

My dd (8 weeks) has been diagnosed with an intolerance to cows milk protein, I'm breastfeeding and so am now following a milk free diet. Paediatrician has advised not to use any substitutes eg soya, for time being. Have appt with consultant and dietician in 2 weeks. Any one have experience of this? Age of onset? When did child grow out of it? Associated health problems? Top tips etc. Dd has gone from screaming, high temperature with blood streaked very stinky mucousy poos to calm happy baby with 'normal' poos within days of cutting out cows milk but I still need reassurance!

yoko Sun 19-Oct-03 21:45:49

my ds was diagnosed with this intolerance at 3 months,i just kept to a dairy free diet,also he is lactose intolerant so i watched out for any "hidden"cow milk proteins/sugar in food stuffs.obviously it makes it all a bit more inconvenient when weaning and onto solids,but it makes you watch their diet,no processed junk,and so can actually make for a healthier diet in the long son goes to a clinic 2/3 times a year,or more if im concerned,he now takes a calcium syrup supplement,this has no side effects or long term effects.lots of children grow out of this,unfortunately not mine so far,hes 5 and is just as intolerant now as ever was,but v healthy etc so i dont worry.he does have other intolerances,but now youve seen one im sure you will be aware of symtoms etc.any specific questions do ask away.good,those mucous poos are just the worst arent they?my ds's nappys used to smell of burning rubber!!

bobthebaby Mon 20-Oct-03 01:26:12

I was very late getting a diagnosis for my ds, who has to avoid milk, eggs, peanuts. Therefore I do too as bfing. The only way he could have been exposed to these is through my breast milk. If you see a massive improvement, as you have, it is really motivating to follow a milk free diet. It helps that dark chocolate has no milk in it, no chocolate would be a really hard one for me to follow.

When you say the paed has advised against soya, do you mean for you or for dd?

My ds is now nearly eight months and we have been "doing" solids for a couple of months now. Its really slow going introducing one food at a time, and avoiding all other common allergens but he eats a really healthy diet. I have noticed he doesn't put things into his mouth - I think this is mother natures way of preventing him swallowing something that could harm him.

As far as tips go - I take probiotics, and also give them to ds in pear puree. I'm not sure how you get them into a younger baby, but apparently they are the business for strengthening the gut and preventing further allergies. I have seen massive improvement in my ds's eczema since starting them.

I go to vegan cafes as I can eat the cakes there. I ask to see the ingredient list for everthing and if in doubt I leave it out. I always explain about allergies if shops haven't labelled things properly.

As your dd has shown himself to be allergic - and quite dramatically so with the blood in her poos, delay solids until at least six months. Although its a pain in the bum to have to give up milk and cheese etc. breastfeeding really is best to prevent long term allergies.

Good luck auntynon and come on and chat anytime you really really miss eating something.

robinw Mon 20-Oct-03 06:42:02

message withdrawn

auntynon Mon 20-Oct-03 13:40:08

robinw, bobthebaby & yoko, thanks for your words of wisdom, lots of helpful advice I appreciated. Dd seems to be content just now, but I'm sure I'll be back online soon with more questions. Reassuring to know there are others out there who are successfully dealing with this! Thanks again.

JJ Mon 20-Oct-03 19:33:52

Auntynon, there's great advice here. The only thing I can really add is what I think of as the "Calcium Talk". You have probably heard this already, but just in case....

You need to take calcium supplements. Not only do you need calcium, but you also need vitamin D so that your body can use it. (A supplement which supplies both is Calcichew D3.) Take half the dose in the morning and half at night. Calcium hinders absorption of medicines and itself, so do not take the calcium with any other medications.

Good luck. My first son had a dramatic first reaction to milk at age 9 months and my second was diagnosed a week or two after he was born. First son outgrew allergy a couple of months ago at age 5 1/2 and second was clear by 10 months. I breastfed both. Let me know if you need any recipes, etc.

auntynon Fri 24-Oct-03 23:19:23

Dd seemed to be responding to my milk free diet, she is still her happy self and is feeding and sleeping better than ever, her poos had started to look normal but now they are very green and have mucus in them. Doctor said 'normal' poos for breast fed babies are usually scrambled egg coloured, hers have never been that colour, they've always been green/brown. What is going on with dds bottom, she seems happy apart from this, could she be intolerant to something else?

robinw Sat 25-Oct-03 07:09:13

message withdrawn

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