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OMG Cheapest easiest recipe for a family of four EVER!!!!!

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Honeydragon Sun 21-Aug-11 09:19:17

here. And its all store cupboard stuff

grin cheers Tech

Taffeta Sun 21-Aug-11 09:22:28

That is the most revolting thing I have ever made. How on earth you can call that edible is beyond me.

festi Sun 21-Aug-11 09:24:29

am I missing something? there is no recipe there.

Cattleprod Sun 21-Aug-11 09:25:32

Ooh that looks delicious! I've got a spare jar of pickled beetroot and some rice pudding in the fridge - that's todays lunch sorted!

Honeydragon Sun 21-Aug-11 09:25:51

Taffeta, did you follow the instructions properly? you did Mix it all together? I found that to be the most important stage grin

Taffeta Sun 21-Aug-11 09:28:52

Did you follow the instructions properly? you did mix it all together?

[hoicks bosom]

Of course I did, HoneyDragon. I am a master baker AND I used my KitchenAid.

Honeydragon Sun 21-Aug-11 09:31:18

My apologies, I'm not sure I'll do it again but I like the sound of Cattleprods Beetroot and ricepudding twist. I don't have Beetroot though, would Branston Pickle would work, I wonder?

DrGruntFotter Sun 21-Aug-11 09:32:05

Message withdrawn

TragicallyHip Sun 21-Aug-11 09:32:42

I tried to make that but the haints just confused me <novice baker>

GentleOtter Sun 21-Aug-11 09:33:16

What are haints?

Are they posh hints?

TragicallyHip Sun 21-Aug-11 09:35:03

Exactly Gentle, exactly..

I think I should add a touch of Teriyaki sauce, next time..

Honeydragon Sun 21-Aug-11 09:39:33

the haints are deceptive I got round them with a well greased dish.

Do you think it could be done in a slow cooker? (compulsory mnet food q. 101)

TragicallyHip Sun 21-Aug-11 09:41:38

I don't have a slow cooker but I assume if you set it on high for about 12 hours it will be delicious..

spout Sun 21-Aug-11 09:42:21

was revolting. Don't think my ham was naice enough, tbf

BluddyMoFo Sun 21-Aug-11 09:43:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Honeydragon Sun 21-Aug-11 09:44:26

MoFo sad

TragicallyHip Sun 21-Aug-11 09:46:39

Less laxatives next time MoFo

SecretNutellaFix Sun 21-Aug-11 09:55:16

I found it very rich and couldn't eat a lot of it.

iklboo Sun 21-Aug-11 10:01:50

I don't have capers. Can I substitute them with pickled onions?

gorionine Sun 21-Aug-11 10:03:49

Well mine did turn out really fab ths morning! Unbelievable What I have managed to do with some ingedients (milk and weetabix) it was very palatable indeed!

HippyHippopotamus Sun 21-Aug-11 10:04:50

iklboo.. only if you're pregnant!

Honeydragon Sun 21-Aug-11 10:11:32

gorionine, yours sounds much more filling than mine

Nutty why what did you mix altogether with the nutella, more nutella? grin

fluffywhitekittens Sun 21-Aug-11 10:17:31

also discovered links don't work on reviews smile
Obviously this tastes better if mixed in very expensive pans.

SecretNutellaFix Sun 21-Aug-11 10:18:52

I thought I'd try it with a bit of caramel, I think that was a mistake.

Honeydragon Sun 21-Aug-11 10:23:49

My arteries are clanging with the mere thought Nutty.

Have a look under haints they might do a "lite" version.

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