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Chapatis are SO easy!

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Curiousmama Sat 20-Aug-11 18:08:30

I had a party last night. There was chicken left over so decided to make a jalfrezi for dinner for dp and me. Dss are away. We fancied chapatis but aren't keen on the shop ones, much prefer restaurant ones. Anyway I decided to make some and was so shocked how easy they are smile Think I'll try paratha next as I love that?

nenevomito Sat 20-Aug-11 18:34:19

So tell all - how do you make them?

I'm a huge chapati fan, but tend only to have them if I'm eating in a restaurant.

Curiousmama Sat 20-Aug-11 19:39:34

70 g whole wheat flour
75 g all-purpose flour
4 g salt
20 ml olive oil
105 ml hot water or as needed

In big bowl stir flour with salt. Add oil and enough hot water to make elastic dough. Make into 6 balls. Leave to rest few minutes. Roll out thinly on floured surface. I pre-heated couple of small frying pans with light oil so I could cook 2 at once. Fry for 30 seconds each side until you see some brown spots.

ComradeJing Sat 03-Sep-11 08:21:29

Tried this last night. Really lovely. smile

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