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DH has signed us up to a come dine with me night - please help!!!

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TINKERBELLE33 Thu 18-Aug-11 15:41:24

We are very good friends with two couples who for a while have been having come dine with me type evenings. These are slightly different to the TV show in that each couple are responsible for part of the meal, rather than the whole thing. Each course is judged and there is a CDWM trophy for the winner.

No problems so far, except that one one of the participants is extremely competitive (which I hate) and openly admits to cheating by deliberately marking down good cooking! So far I've managed to avoid taking part but DH has now accepted for this weekend. He was going to do the cooking but it turns out we are responsible for dessert. DH is shocking with desserts so it falls to me. I did think about making him do it as even if it was good it would be marked down, but decided against this as I love pudding so would be missing out!

Does anyone have any lovely Italian dessert recipes to share? I've Googled these but would welcome thoughts/ideas as I can't decide. I am going to make the obligatory Tiramisu, but want to do a second dessert as I hate it!

Sorry for long post, feel a bit better for getting it off my chest!

MonMome Thu 18-Aug-11 15:54:29

How about something with limoncello?

There's this

Or this

Second one is gorgeous - haven't tried the first one but looks good!

TINKERBELLE33 Sat 20-Aug-11 09:37:26

Thank you!!! Both look gorgeous and as a bonus I love limoncello!

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