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This week, I have made...

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Littlefish Wed 17-Aug-11 18:44:03

9 jars of Christmas chutney (prunes, apricots and dates)
6 jars of plum jam
12 jars of strawberry jam

I am ridiculously proud of myself!

I bought these jars from ikea so everything matches. It looks beautiful.

I'm planning to give people sets of 3 jars of preserves for Christmas. Does that sound like a nice present? I need to find ways of economising this year as we are particularly broke at the moment due to house renovations and me not working very much. If yiou were given home made jam and chutney, would you think it was a lovely present, or a bit strange?

The plums were free, and the strawberries cost about £3.00 at the Pick-Your-Own place down the road. The chutney was more expensive and works out at about 80p per jar, but is really delicious. We've got tomatoes and apples growing in the garden, and blackberries down the lane, so I'll make some tomato and apple chutney and some blackberry and apple jam when it's all ripe.

I think I am turning into some kind of country-dwelling-cooking-goddess. grin

debka Wed 17-Aug-11 20:15:37

Wow!! Well done you! I'd be delighted to receive that as a present.

Littlefish Wed 17-Aug-11 21:41:07

Thank you debka. You are just the sort of person I need to have as a friend so I can give you lots of jam! smile

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