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Quick - plum jam help!

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WhatsWrongWithYou Tue 16-Aug-11 12:09:04

It's boiling ATM but I'm not sure whether I should be removing the scum on the surface - or is this needed to help with setting? TIA.

EPPP Tue 16-Aug-11 13:38:22

Don't you pop in a knob of butter to disperse the scum?

4merlyknownasSHD Tue 16-Aug-11 15:21:17

Probably too late now, but I skim off the scum, then drop a knob of butter in and stir it around the surface. That seems to remove 99% of the scum.

WhatsWrongWithYou Tue 16-Aug-11 15:57:47

I did skim it off and I think it's worked fine, left it cooling in the jars while I'm out. Thanks - will remember the butter for next time smile.

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