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If I wrap cookies/brownies/gingerbread in little celophane bags, how long will they keep?

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LaWeasel Mon 15-Aug-11 17:25:07

Would they be okay for a week if I keep the bags in a tin until needed? I was probably just going to fold the tops of the bags and stick it closed with a sticker.

Shoutymomma Mon 15-Aug-11 17:30:27

Why are you bagging them if you are putting them in a tin? I just keep my baking in traditional cake tins - airtight, no problem.

LaWeasel Mon 15-Aug-11 17:37:53

Because they're gifts. I need to prepare them a good few days in advance of giving them out, and can keep them in tins until the day beforeish...

Chestnutx3 Mon 15-Aug-11 17:42:57

I think the gingerbread will be okay, but the cookies and brownies will be stale and soggy. I wouldn't risk it. I would do the gingerbread the day before, the brownies the day before and the cookies on the day or night before. Unless you get containers that Lakeland sell that you can pump the air out of.

Shoutymomma Mon 15-Aug-11 17:45:15

I'd still try wrapping them when you intend giving them out. Might mean an early alarm call!

LaWeasel Mon 15-Aug-11 17:53:39

Hmm... yes, you're right, I'm sure DD will be happy to help at stupid'o'clock anyhow! Would save space too, thanks for advice.

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