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Damson ideas please

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LakeFlyPie Sun 14-Aug-11 12:23:33

I have a glut of damsons and would be very grateful for suggestions of how to use them.

So far have done damson gin, puree for freezer and jam.

Trying to give them away too and the tree's still laden!


RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Sun 14-Aug-11 12:27:04

Poached with a mascarpone cream
send them to me

harbingerofdoom Wed 17-Aug-11 18:23:23

Damson vinegar. No idea how to make it but a firm called 'stratta' sell it at farmers' markets. It went beautifully with game and other meats. Last time I asked for it they said that they had trouble finding the damsons and that it was a limited edition vinegar. Is this a good year for damsons?

LakeFlyPie Thu 18-Aug-11 22:26:24

Thanks both for the ideas.

Planning to save the gin steeped fruit for boozy crumble in the autumn, will be gorgeous with some mascarpone.

Found a recipe for damson vinegar so will give that a go.

If you weren't so far away RockStock you could have bags full grin

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Thu 18-Aug-11 22:55:50

Lake I shall be living back in England soon enough, so please save me lots next harvest.... I love them.

harbingerofdoom Fri 19-Aug-11 22:55:49

Adore damsons. Got any left?

LakeFlyPie Sat 20-Aug-11 19:12:28

Loads Harbinger, where are you?

harbingerofdoom Wed 24-Aug-11 21:05:00

Sorry, had to dash away for a few days. DM in hospital. Sussex.

LakeFlyPie Wed 24-Aug-11 22:28:37

Sorry to hear that your DM is in hospital, hope things are OK.

Unfortunately damsons are in Manchester but if you're passing this way do stop by for a bag full grin

harbingerofdoom Thu 25-Aug-11 22:41:16

DD2s boyfriend is off to Mancs in Sept. I'm a native girl! and my granny used to live in Oldham. My DFdid well he's an FRS so Brian Cox you're not the only one!

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