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big bag of pears - what do do with them? ANY recipes/ideas appreciated

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lilolilmanchester Sat 13-Aug-11 09:58:25

Neighbour has given me pounds and pounds of pears, with an open invitation to go back for more. Any tried and tested recipes for conserves/chutney/anything alcoholic please? Also ideas for puddings beyond crumble/poached in wine, or using in main courses (have a recipe for pork and pears).

muslimah28 Sat 13-Aug-11 14:10:08

very boring but you could make a puree and freeze it in portions to add to porridge. sorry someone will probably come along with something more interesting soon smile

muslimah28 Sat 13-Aug-11 14:10:23

tis yummy that way

Shoutymomma Sat 13-Aug-11 18:21:46

Pear tarte tatin usig bought pastry - looks stunning but is a piece of piss.
Also, chop up and put in a cake mix (madeira type) with choc chucks.
For savouries, chuck slices in a salad with gorgonzola - NOMNOMNOMNOM!

lilolilmanchester Sat 13-Aug-11 18:59:36

muslimah, that does sound yummy, will definitely puree some. Shoutymamma, also lovely suggestions. WIll try all of them. Keep em coming, especially any which would use up a lot (e.g. chutney/jam type things) as I do have loads and acccess to more!

lilolilmanchester Mon 15-Aug-11 21:00:22

Love the suggestions I've had so far, bumping for conserve/preserve/alcohol recipes please

boxoftricks Mon 15-Aug-11 21:07:53

core the pears from the bottom, fill with a dark chocolate/ cream thick mixture. wrap in filo pastry. bake. yum.

lilolilmanchester Tue 16-Aug-11 08:23:33

oh that sounds gorgeous box of tricks. We don't have desserts as a family unless we have people over, so although I now have some amazing pear recipes, I'm not going to get through all the pears on desserts.

piebald Fri 19-Aug-11 09:39:10

My mum used to pickle pears to have with cold meats-sorry dont have a recipe but i bet google will

lilolilmanchester Sat 20-Aug-11 00:55:24

thanks Piebald... I pickled some pears last year, I enjoyed them with cold ham, but no-one else did!!! Would love a recipe for something alcoholic - pear wine for example. yes, I know I could google but for things like this prefer the old "tried and tested"...

KimberlyClark Sat 20-Aug-11 01:05:15

peel them and jar them in cheap plonk. looks pretty, keeps well and tastes lush smile

they also go well with almond, gogle pear and marzipan cake and that is also good smile

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