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VEG BOX Virgins and Pros... Can we share ideas?

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FGM Thu 11-Aug-11 18:43:29

I've recently forced myself out of my comfort zone <carrots & broccoli, peaches & pears> into a world of lovely surprise boxes of organic fruit & veg containing such oddities as runner beans, cabbage <EEK!>, radishes and more plums than is decent!
I'm loving the surprise element, although I can edit the box before it arrives.
I love opening the box with my young DDs and talking about what we can do with the contents.
And it's forcing me to be more creative with my cooking.

This week I had loads of courgettes and some cabbage.

I could really do with help with the cabbage- any EASY quick ideas would be much appreciated...

Here's what I did with the courgettes:-

Courgette tart
1. put a sheet of ready rolled puff pastry on a floured baking tray. score a line 1cm from the edge all the way round. bake until golden, then take out. prick the middle- so it falls back and re-score around edges if needed.
2. slice 2-3 courgettes thinly- I used the slicing bit of a grater
3. gently put ricotta over the pastry base (except edges) try not to flatten the pastry base. If you can;t get ricotta use cottage cheese, or even brie/ camembert slices.
4. put the courgette slices on the top- you may need to overlap them
5. add pine kernels, them bake until courgettes are cooked
6. put a bit of garlic oil and parmesan on top. and pepper.

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