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Panasonic Breadmaker - what are your favourite recipes?

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KellyKettle Thu 11-Aug-11 12:53:31

I have just put my breadmaker on a decided I would make a french loaf today. I was shocked to see it takes 6 hours.

Has anyone made the french loaf? Is it worth 6 hours wait? I'm a bit committed to it now anyway but I can't test it for another 5 hours.

So now that I have ventured past the basic white loaf, what else is worth making in the Panasonic?

potbellyqueen Thu 11-Aug-11 12:55:49

I like the ciabatta recipe, although I don't make it very often because you have to have to start it the day before. I love the brioche recipe too, I eat far too much that blush

cece Thu 11-Aug-11 12:59:51

I make the pizza dough a lot and also the wholemeal bread which imo is nicer than the white.

KellyKettle Thu 11-Aug-11 13:13:18

Oh thanks both of you. I have tried the pizza dough one actually and I really like it but I can't for the life of me, shape the bloody stuff into anything resembling a pizza once I'm done. I like to think of them as rustic but it irritates me deep down.

Oh I think DD would love the brioche, I might attempt that one later. I am not overly fond of the white loaf so will give the wholemeal a go too.

Have you tried the croissant/bread roll recipes? We're going away next week and have an early start so I thought making some croissants might be a good idea.

Why on earth do you need to start the ciabatta the day before? I was looking at the tomato focaccia to go with tomorrow nights pasta but it seems like a faff.

cece Thu 11-Aug-11 13:26:01

I get the kids to shape their own individual pizzas grin We gat some interesting results. smile

Liskey Thu 11-Aug-11 13:26:54

I've a batch of wholemeal rolls cooling at the moment - we like the rolls far more than the loaves as you can freeze them and take them for lunch. I've also adapted the granary recipe to make rolls from it.

KellyKettle Thu 11-Aug-11 13:34:07

Oh they're great ideas cece & liskey

DD would love shaping her own pizza and I don't have to feel bothered by the shape!

I like the idea of the batch of roll. Do they not all merge into one giant roll in the oven? I tried making rolls once and they didn't turn out very tasty.

eclectic Thu 11-Aug-11 13:35:00

I like the hot cross bun recipe but don't bother with the glaze etc - hey presto, fruit buns. We also love the pizza dough (we make rectangular ones to fit our tins) and the soft buns (nice with burgers). The seeded wholemeal is our staple daily loaf.

EssieW Thu 11-Aug-11 13:37:54

pizza dough can take a fair amount of bashing to get it thin. If you shape into a round before you start, then the pizza is almost round. Though most of ours aren't! One lot of dough makes us 2 thin crispy pizzas.

We love the brioche and fruit loaf - generally make in evening and take out to cool overnight.

Liskey Thu 11-Aug-11 14:06:58

I make about 10 rolls and keep them well apart on the tray - i also prove them in the oven at 55C for about 25 mins then take them out and turn the oven up.

We;'ve also got pizza planned for tonight - and then tomorrow with the left over dough as its even better when left overnight in the fridge mhmm blue cheese pizzza!

KellyKettle Thu 11-Aug-11 14:18:25

Thanks for the tip liskey I'll give that a try this weekend.

Can I ask one more question? When you add water to your mixture is it warm or cold? My yeast packet says add warm (1 part hot:2 cold) and usually I don't bother but I did this morning.

Does anyone do this? Does it make a difference?

Liskey Thu 11-Aug-11 14:23:57

I always add cold water - and bread, rolls pizza all turn out fine!

Liskey Thu 11-Aug-11 14:26:01

forgot to say I use the tesco fast action dried yeast and just seal it up with a peg and it lasts usually for about a week.

Liskey Thu 11-Aug-11 14:28:24

Sorry I was also going to say i use olive oil instead of butter in all my bread making now - 3tbl for 500g of flour

nannyl Fri 12-Aug-11 08:41:33


I do mostly the basic medium loaf, or whole meal. Often add sunflower seeds or poppy seeds

also do pizza a fair bit. (i throw in some dried mixed herbs in with my pizza base mix, yum!)

I have done brioche too. yum

I use cold water if using the timer, but warm water if im starting the programme immediately.
I find the warm water really makes a difference. If doing the quick setting (which i dont normally as i prefer the bread made on normal) then i use water thats even warmer... but not hot!

KellyKettle Fri 12-Aug-11 10:58:05

Thanks Liskey & Nanny!

I am going to give olive oil try in tomorrows loaf.

And nanny - thanks for the dried herbs tip! Might be a pizza night tonight as it's just me and DD.

This morning I have a tomato focaccia in the bread maker. I'm making it for tomorrow evenings pasta. We've got a really busy weekend so it's quite nice feeling organised (pasta sauce made and frozen).

Brioche is on my Sunday list smile

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