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11 month old suddenly refusing most food

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Greenwagon Wed 10-Aug-11 14:26:30

My 11 month old who has been EASY to wean has suddenly decided to stop eating any purees at all. She started on finger food a few months ago and she was always very ready to eat veg like this, but sadly this is now being thrown on the ground and the only foods she seems to want are bread and cheese. Can't get any porridge or fruit into her and as for meat and other proteins - not a chance. Since she was so easy up to this I have never needed any tricks or useful ideas to make it work so am now frustrated and rather stressed! Any tips?

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 10-Aug-11 15:42:30

First tip is 'don't stress'. I think they all go through an attention-seeking phase where food is a bit of a weapon and, if you look wound up, this makes it lots more fun than it might otherwise be. Serve the bread and cheese with other foods on the side and then sort of switch off and act casual. Don't hover or encourage. Don't ask 'is that nice?' No hand-wringing or frowning. No poking of spoons at mouths. But if she so much as sniffs the other food then lots of praise.

Another good tip is to all eat together. Still pretty much ignoring what she's doing. Chat normally with other people at the table. Praise when she tries the different food. Even better is getting other children to eat with you. My DS went through a massively fussy phase but if he saw other toddlers grabbing things and getting praised for being good eaters he would copy them.

Good luck smile

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