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Mid morning snacks for school/nursery ideas

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Chestnutx3 Sun 07-Aug-11 17:33:59

I need to provide 3 DC with mid morning snacks to take into school and nursery from September. Obviously (sigh) no cake, no biscuits or crisps allowed. So no flapjack (i weep) or fruit loaf allowed. Of course no peanut butter.

Other than fruit, crackers and cheese, dipping homous/cream cheese + veg sticks - any other ideas.

The school aged DC doesn't ever each much breakfast so really want to provide something nutritious.

thefoodschool Sun 07-Aug-11 17:42:27

what if you make flapjacks and add seeds / dried fruit and bind them with honey?

homemade vegetable crisps? - thinly slice parsnip / carrot / butternut squash brush with a little oil and bake

cold leftover porridge with fruit and a little yogurt added?

Popbiscuit Sun 07-Aug-11 17:50:39

Are you allowed to send homemade muffins? You can do an oaty one with frozen blueberries or raspberries, chopped apple or peach? Could you get away with whole-wheat banana oat muffins with some naughty choc-chips?
Mine also like whole wheat pita crisps (cut into triangles, brush with olive oil, salt and pepper and bake for 6-8 minutes at 400 degrees) paired with a baby bel, laughing cow cheese, hummus or mini-yogurt.
I used to send in a hard boiled or devilled egg sometimes but they have been banned from our school now sad

Chestnutx3 Sun 07-Aug-11 18:12:33

No muffins of any form or flapjacks.

Scootergrrrl Sun 07-Aug-11 18:20:06

What about a cheese scone? Or does that count as cake too? A wrap with cream cheese maybe or a hard-boiled egg?

It's always interesting to look at the puddings on offer as part of the school dinner at schools which are so prescriptive about what parents are allowed to send their children in with.

BlueArmyGirl Sun 07-Aug-11 18:45:23

What about a small fruit salad or some bread sticks?

TBH it irritates the life out of me that I cannot send in a lunch box whatever I choose to feed my child. I understand that some people don't get how to provide healthy meals and snacks but banning them at nursery/school isn't going to change their eating habits at home, which afterall is where kids do most of their eating!

Popbiscuit Wed 10-Aug-11 16:01:03

Really, no home-made baked goods? That's awful! How do they get away with that? I can understand that they might be wary of someone sneaking in nuts but don't we WANT our kids to be having home-made, wholesome foods rather than processed crap? Not judging at all btw; I have a feeling it's only a matter of time before our schools do the same sad

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