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Nursery packed lunches for 1 yr old

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MrsAmaretto Sat 06-Aug-11 23:43:19

Hi, ds is 1 & at a childcare nursery 3 days and I have to give him a packed lunch. Any ideas on what to give him?
He always gets some fruit, a wee salad (tomatoes, cucumber pepper) and so far cheese sandwiches, quiche (also needing ideas for new fillings), and leftover pasta.

He seems to have gone off tuna pasta, and his nursery don't seem that great at putting a bib on him.

Or do you think I'm worrying too much, afterall before I had him I made myself ham or turkey sandwiches for lynch for years!

Thanks for your help

RabidRabbit Sat 06-Aug-11 23:57:11

Try different breads, use pittas, bagels, rolls etc as well as new fillings, sandwiches can get boring very fast! Tuna, egg, soft cheese, peanut butter, avocado, thin sliced meats, all good fillings. Breadsticks, little cubes of cheese, different meats cut into bite size pieces, mini crackers, savoury/sweet mini muffins.

shelscrape Mon 08-Aug-11 10:22:59

little ones love pitta breads, you can stuff all sorts of things in them. Egg mayo or marmite sandwiches were my Ds's favourite at nursery. A little yoghurt or fromage frais, chunks of raw carrot and cucumber, cubes of cheese, peel a satsuma too - very good finger food. Just think of anything small he can eat himself with his fingers if need be. My DS loved pomegranate too

stealthsquiggle Mon 08-Aug-11 10:27:11

Will they warm things up for you? DD had packed lunches from weaning to 3.5 and generally once she was eating "normal" food I just froze leftovers from family meals in small pots and would chuck one (still frozen) into her lunchbag along with fruit/yoghurt, mini muffin (savoury or sweet) and sometimes mini sausages (I used to cook a whole pack and freeze them in bags of 3-4). Nursery would thaw/heat it all, so packing lunch was really quick as I just had to pick portions of stuff from the freezer (and add fruit/yoghurt).

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