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Preserving jar advice

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TheHouseofMirth Fri 05-Aug-11 22:08:16

I'm going to bottle some fruit for presents and want to use kilner-style jars. Cost is an issue and I am wondering if the Ikea ones here are up to the job? I am teriified of getting it worng and giving people Botulism!

Sandalwood Fri 05-Aug-11 23:47:12

They'll be good. But you do know you'll have to make it into jam/pickle it etc to preserve it?

TheHouseofMirth Sat 06-Aug-11 10:28:21

I was going to bottle some fruit in sugar syrup and some in alcoholic syrup. Will that not work?

ChrissasMissis Sat 06-Aug-11 16:53:33

You will be fine preserving fruits in sugar syrup and/or alcohol - have you thought about making liquers, perhaps? The two attached articles may help...

Sandalwood Sat 06-Aug-11 17:00:46

Oh yes. Sounds nice.

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