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Sourdough newbie needs help please

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ClaireDeLoon Fri 05-Aug-11 15:57:29

My starter smells quite, errr, pungent. Is that normal? I followed a starter recipe that was specifically for bread makers and so used yeast to get things going. I then left it for 4 days (recipe said 3-5). It had a very thick skin so I just mixed that in. Should I have removed that? Are we going to die of sourdough poisoning?

CSLewis Fri 05-Aug-11 15:58:55

Ooh, sourdough for breadmakers! Can't help, I'm afraid, but would love to know where you found the recipe, and how you use it in the machine..?

ClaireDeLoon Fri 05-Aug-11 16:07:15

This book. It has a section on sourdoughs.

The starter is 300ml of water, 250g of strong White flour and 2tsp of yeast. Mix, cover with a tea towel and leave at room temp for 3 - 5 days. Use a big bowl! I didn't when I tried last week and it went everywhere and I had to bin the tea towel as it was caked in the starter. after it has fermented it can be covered in cling film and left in fridge.

I'm trying a ciabatta but there are lots of recipes using the starter, all of which sound nice.

Actually the book is very good, I have made quite a few things from it.

4merlyknownasSHD Fri 05-Aug-11 16:18:42

Pungent is good, but I don't know how you will be able to use it in a breadmaker, except perhaps for its kneading function, as prooving tends to take a lot longer. It was when I wanted to start on sourdough that I ditched ny machine and started to do all my loaves by hand. That said, I no longer do sourdough as it kept dying on me!

ClaireDeLoon Fri 05-Aug-11 16:26:11

Yes, just on dough function.

Do you still do all bread by hand? I'm crap at kneading.

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