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cooking food from frozen???

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tvmum1976 Thu 04-Aug-11 15:04:42

Hi, please help, and apologies if this is a very stupid question, or if it has already been answered.

I would like to cook and freeze meals- eg lasagne, stews, curries, bolognese sauce etc but find the defrosting a real faff. I always forget to take stuff out of the freezer in advance and it seems to take abslolutely ages in the microwave. Can you cook these types of things straight from frozen, and if so how? I know that store bought ready meals can be cooked from frozen but don't know if that's somehow different. Thank you very much in advance.

Shinyshoes1 Thu 04-Aug-11 15:10:04

I always batch cook extra and microwave it at work when it's frozen. It takes a few minutes more and stirring half way through.

I have frozen a gigantic bolognese before and put it on a very low hob heat until it's defrosted all the way through and then turned the heat up a bit to 'cook' it until piping.

Lasagne would be the same, put it in the oven on a very low heat, not too low but not high enough to cook it, when it's defrosted then turn the heat up to heat it all the way through.

I do this all the time and my family and I are here to tell the tale smile

Shinyshoes1 Thu 04-Aug-11 15:11:11

Microwave curries for a feww minutes longer (10 mins stirring halfway through) will be fine too.

It pretty much works for most things

tvmum1976 Thu 04-Aug-11 16:06:01

thank you! presumably the lasagne principle would work for other oven type things- casserole etc? thanks again...

Shinyshoes1 Fri 05-Aug-11 06:33:30

yep of course, just remember not to have it too high to start wink

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