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Traditional French bread . Do you think it contains soya flour?

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princessProudmel Tue 02-Aug-11 20:51:30

Ds2 is dairy and soya intollerant. He can't eat most shop bought White breads as they ( usually) contain soya flour or whey protein.
We're going to France soon and I'm wondering whether there will be soya flour in the baguettes .
I could do with learning the french words for soya flour too!
Poor ds2 he won't be able to eat any croissants or brioche sad

Daydreaming Tue 02-Aug-11 21:13:04

I really don't think so, at least not in bread from a bakery. I think in France they are quite strict about using traditional methods for making bread and bread products.

princessProudmel Thu 04-Aug-11 20:49:45

Thank you smile

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