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Aargh, will this be okay? (please say 'yes')

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Made a vat of pasta sauce last night, enough for loads more meals including last nights, then retired to bed with a stinking migraine, last instructions to dp 'don't forget to put the sauce in the fridge'.

He forgot.

In the winter I wouldn't worry but it was so warm last night, will it still be okay to freeze?

<dithers and prays for answers in the positive>

mousesma Tue 02-Aug-11 06:39:55

Is it a meat or veg sauce? My entirely unscientific answer, based on gut feeling, is if it was meat I would bin, if it was veg I would keep?

tawrag Tue 02-Aug-11 06:43:47

Heat it up to boiling point again, re-cool, then freeze. I do this with soup stocks all the time. So long as you boil it once in 24 hours, you can keep it unrefridgerated for days.

TanteRose Tue 02-Aug-11 06:44:49

OK, how about you reheat the sauce completely (as in to a high temp to kill off any bacteria that might have accumulated overnight) and then freeze it.

and of course, reheat it thoroughly before eating

TanteRose Tue 02-Aug-11 06:45:12

ooh, tawrag, great minds! grin

Vajazzler Tue 02-Aug-11 06:45:32

My entirely unscientific answer would be that if it has dairy in it then i would bin it but otherwise i would keep it. <slinks away to box up the bolognese sauce still in the pan from last night>

tawrag Tue 02-Aug-11 06:49:25

tanterose, something I learned from my mum who lived without refridgeration for years. smile

Ooooh, good tip with the re-boiling, why has that never occured to me?

Is just a tomato (with courgette, celery, onion, garlic) sauce, no meat or dairy.

tawrag Tue 02-Aug-11 06:50:54

Even with meat, re-boiling works fine. My soup stocks are usually made from chicken carcasses.

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