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Anyone made a 'princess cake' with a bell mould/tin?

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mummytowillow Mon 01-Aug-11 20:28:34

I'm going to make my 4 year old daughter a princess cake, I know you can make it with 3 x 8 inch round cakes and one cooked in a pudding bowl?

But .. I've seen a bell cake mould on ebay which says its for 'princess' cakes, has anyone made one using this mould?

How does it cook in the middle without burning on the outside, and has anyone got any tips on how to decorate it?

I'm a competent cook and can turn out a good cake, so I'm not that nervous, but obviously only want to make it once and successfully!

LIZS Tue 02-Aug-11 10:36:41

It works fine . I used a tin with a hole through the middle and have also used a pudding basin and each cake has cooked through evenly. Layer of btter icing on cake with some coloured fondant rolled out on top as skirt, decorated with some preformed icing flowers. If it looks untidy around the join use a doily as a frilly overskirt.

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