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Flavored Vodka and other Festive Spirits

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Scout19075 Mon 01-Aug-11 08:09:26

Does anyone know how long Christmas Pudding Vodka and/or any other festive spirits recipes last? I only have one jar large enough to hold a bottle of vodka and each batch takes about two to four weeks to make. I don't fancy buying more jars as I don't think I'd use them during the year and my house is the size of a matchbox so no place to store them. However, I have about six bottles/gifts to make...if I start now will they have a decent shelf life after I give them?

thefoodschool Wed 03-Aug-11 09:05:50

i make damson vodka and sloe gin and while it generally doesn't last long (hic) it has lasted for years. indeed it gets better the longer you leave it

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