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What to do with thousands of grapes?

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HPonEverything Sun 31-Jul-11 13:16:19

I know the obvious thing is make wine but my wine-making friend says I must juice the grapes and then leave in situ and stir for 3 weeks or something...

I only have a week to harvest the grapes and do whatever with them before I come home again, so I have no idea what I can do in a week. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Once I have done whatever with them I can store them over there, but as I say I only have a week to 'do whatever'.

They are all white grapes with seeds in if this makes any difference.

HopeForTheBest Sun 31-Jul-11 13:19:26

I don't have vines of my own, but receive masses of grapes every year from friends that do.

I either make grape jelly with them or juice them.
I've never tried making wine (there's enough wine places around here), but the fresh juice is rather lovely (mixed with water).

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