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LordOfTheFlies Wed 27-Jul-11 22:59:35

Bought a bottle of Di Sorano at Christmas for my cake and marzipan last year. Don't actually drink the stuff which is why I've had it 8 months.

Just used the last of it to soak sultanas.Now I need more for feeding the cake and the marizipan.

Should I bottle of the real stuff or is the Aldi own brand good enough.(Or Tesco/Sainsburys if they do one?)

Worth the extra money or not?

This isn't my Christmas cake I'm making now BTW. I'm not that organised!!!

Xiaoxiong Wed 27-Jul-11 23:40:50

I'd pick up both, and some sours mix too, and compare them by making amaretto sours. My favourite cocktail, how I miss it (22 weeks pg).

You can then give away the crap one, and use the good one for other things:
- in chocolate mousse
- cupcakes
- brownies
- to poach pears
- fudge

But seriously, I'd probably get the expensive one. There's nothing worse than that cheap almond taste you get from cheapo marzipan.

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