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yoghurt for famiy?

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lillmissj Thu 21-Jul-11 15:11:00

Can anyone suggest a yoghurt brand that I can get for the family? maybe like a family favorite sort of thing (realli looking for the ones that my dh & ds would also enjoy).. I usually buy those activia low fat ones.. (but it just seems like i always end up eating them myself before they actually expired confused) and i really don't want to buy a whole lot of different yoghurt brands.. it just takes up too much space in the fridge! sad

anyone have a particular brand that u would recommend? thanks in advance!!

ChrissasMissis Thu 21-Jul-11 17:09:01

We like Muller corners in our house and you can usually get some combination of types on special offer. My personal favourite is the greek yoghurt with honeyed apricots...mmm...

Macaroona Thu 21-Jul-11 17:11:03

Muller lights - mmmm. The big packs are often on offer too. I love the mandarin one and the ones with grated chocolate through them.

Shinyshoes1 Thu 21-Jul-11 17:21:07

Tesco are doing a buy one get TWO free offer on Muller multipacks
at the moment so you can get 3 different packs of them

WowOoo Thu 21-Jul-11 17:23:50

We buy the big tubs - Rachels is one we buy. There's a lush Greek one with honey that the kids love too.
Then I add all kinds of stuff to it: stewed rhubarb today, mmm.
I like nuts in mine and cereal/muesli mix.

lillmissj Thu 21-Jul-11 22:31:12

ohhh thanks!! grin will definitely give them a try!!

Jcee Fri 22-Jul-11 08:58:35

We buy the big tubs too and I tend to buy natural yoghurt and then add stuff to it like WowOoo...I like museli whereas DD likes fresh fruit in it like strawberries or a handful of blueberries.

I usually buy what's on offer - I like yeo valley, rachels and onken.

If you like this sort of thing, Onken coconut is very yummy as is Yeo Valley lemon curd.....mmmmm

bacon Sun 24-Jul-11 14:09:04

I always buy Rachels or Sainsburys own. I like good quality yoghurt. I also always buy a couple of plain tubs to which I add honey and fruit. Also nuts. Works well with fresh fruit to. Useful to keep plain yoghurt for cake making and currys etc.

DillyTante Sun 24-Jul-11 14:15:46

I buy pots and pots of the sainsbury's basics natural yoghurt.

lillmissj Mon 25-Jul-11 14:02:55

thanks for the advices! I'm thinking of giving the big tubs a try. i know it's weird asking this <shy> but i was just wondering how long do they normally last for? or like how many should I buy? 1? 2? (never really tried the bigger sizes)

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