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Two year old wont eat much

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lookatthatmess Wed 20-Jul-11 19:09:15

As the title says my two year old really doesn't seem to want to eat much at all.
She loves yoghurt, chocolate, quavers, breadsticks, if I make her a sandwich, sometimes she will eat half of it and other times she wont touch it.
At breakfast she has a few spoonfuls of cereal then seems to loose interest.
and dinner times are about the same she eats a small amount then gets down from the table. she will sometimes eat half a banana and she likes ice cream.
do you think I am worrying too much or does this sound normal for her age ?

ramade Thu 21-Jul-11 11:00:03

I think it's really common. I've got a book 'Your Toddler Month by Month' by Tanya Byron, has some really good bits about toddler eating.

One thing I have learned to do with both of mine is keep offering stuff. It feels like a waste, when you're throwing it in the bin meal after meal, but it has worked for us. For months and months My DS refused to eat tomatoes. I was never pushy or watched over him, just kept putting them on the plate, now he eats them quite happily. this has worked for most things (although both still hate mushrooms!!).

Try to stay relaxed at meal times, eat together, keep offering a range of stuff.

bacon Thu 21-Jul-11 12:36:51

Read the other thread on clamping down on fussy children. Of course she loves chocolate, crisps and icecream. For a start i would cut this down to a tiny treat pack of chocolate a day. No need for a young child to eat crisps. Perhaps she has realised that refusing good food leads to snacking and junk food.

No pudding until a proper portion of main dinner has been eaten. Think your starting a fussy eater I would nip this in the bud now.

Chocolate etc should be an occassional treat. Crisps are full of crap and the reason why so many children are obese. Far too many carbohydrates from a young age. Children do not need love through feeding un-necessary food. Treats are treats not a regular meal.

Please start as you wish to go on, Your 2 year old should be sat down at the table eating the same as you.

The eveidence of poor eating is around you everywhere.

ramade Thu 21-Jul-11 12:58:10

Yeah if you still have the chocolate and crisps around, Your DD is obviously going to refuse everything untill she gets those.

Try tarting up your meals by cutting things into heart shapes (cookie cutters) etc.

Good idea to get rid of all that untill you've got her into better eating habits, then you can offer them as occasional treats.

bacon Thu 21-Jul-11 13:02:14

I make rice into moulds shapes - they love it - so so impressed....simple!

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