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Cooking meat/fish in a steamer - child friendly recipes please!

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addictedtofrazzles Tue 19-Jul-11 19:32:25

In an earlier post, I was explaining that a nutritionalist is trying to change some of DS2's eating habits post reflux/dairy intolerance (He is 12 mo). She is very keen that I steam as much of his food (including protein) as possible.

Last night I made chicken kebabs and they were revolvting - both children refused it (don't blame them!). Are there any child-friendly recipes that anyone is able to share please?

Many thanks

Xiaoxiong Wed 20-Jul-11 09:59:43

The best things to steam, in my opinion, are fish and beancurd. Meat can be difficult as the steam just doesn't really get it properly cooked unless you wrap it in lotus leaves chinese style or have an actual steam oven (like this:

Did the nutritionist say anything about poaching/braising? That's much easier for meat than steaming, especially chicken.

If you do go down the fish/beancurd route there are loads of recipes (we ate all of these when I was a child, though what you classify as child-friendly might not be the same as what I do!) (though the recipe is for a whole fish, you can do the same with any type of fillets) (one of my and DB's absolute comfort food recipes - just like little pork burgers) (you can replace the chinese mushrooms with any kind of interesting mushrooms you find at the supermarket, or just normal buttons) (fish and beancurd, steamed together)

Alos here are all the recipes on the BBC Food site with the word "steamed" - some puddings but you can see most of the recipes are fish.

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