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More interesting stuff to do with butternut squash

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AbsDuCroissant Tue 19-Jul-11 15:52:00

I LOVE the stuff, we have it about 2/3 times a week, but I feel I have got into a bit of a rut with it. Basically, I either
- roast it with onions and garlic until soft (delicious) or
- make a curry using coconut milk.

I feel I am not giving it the love it deserves so please, inspire me

thestringcheeseincident Tue 19-Jul-11 15:53:04

Oh do you like parma ham?
Jamie O does a brilliant warm spicy squash salad with parma ham, parmesan and rocket. Let me know if you like it and I'll post.

AbsDuCroissant Tue 19-Jul-11 15:58:38

Don't eat pork, but coul do it without the parma ham?

thestringcheeseincident Tue 19-Jul-11 16:04:37

Yes you could, my vege friend makes it without.


BigBadBear Tue 19-Jul-11 16:06:03

There's a really good recipe on the Waitrose site for thai butternut squash soup. It's one of my faves.

I sometimes use it to make spicy koftas.

Or put it into risotto.

Or roast and puree it, and add herbs and parmesan to make it into a kind of pasta sauce/pesto type thing.

I also use it as a side veg in place of potatoes, eg. sausage and mash.

Any of those take your fancy?

GoodnightNobody Tue 19-Jul-11 16:08:28

my aunty did this lovely dish where she halved length ways, roasted and then scooped out the flesh, mixed with herbs, garlic & goats cheese and then put back in the oven to heat through/ brown. She served with a salad and fresh bread.

thestringcheeseincident Tue 19-Jul-11 16:09:42

this also looks delicious and I've been wanting to make it for ages

Bramshott Tue 19-Jul-11 16:15:47


CroissantNeuf Tue 19-Jul-11 16:17:44

DP makes a lovely warm salad with quinoa, butternut squash and goats cheese sprinkled with toasted pumpkin seeds.

CroissantNeuf Tue 19-Jul-11 16:23:34

..its along the lines of this Waitrose recipe

AbsDuCroissant Tue 19-Jul-11 17:07:50

Thanks for all the suggestions! they sound lovely

rockinhippy Tue 19-Jul-11 17:09:46

with onions, chilli peppers - it makes a really lovely Risotto - smile

rodformyownback Tue 19-Jul-11 22:11:29

We are a big fan of the squash as ds1 loves eating "real Raymond" (he is a Mr Bloom fan)

My friend makes an amazing frittata with it. She roasts the squash in half inch cubes with olive oil and tabasco sauce then sticks it in a frying pan with a few handfuls of spinach. When the spinach has just reduced she adds egg, she uses a little bit of double cream which gives an incredible texture. There is garlic and probably some other stuff in too but I can't remember at what stage it goes in). It's incredible!
I roast it with peppers, courgette and red onion, and some pumpkin/sunflower seeds then toss through pasta with a bit of pesto.

littleducks Tue 19-Jul-11 22:13:59

I saw a recipe the other day in a morrisons freebie mag that used butternut squash instead of butter to make muffins/cupcakes

RabidRabbit Tue 19-Jul-11 22:52:21

It makes lovely wedges/chips, I am on WW and BNS can be eaten freely, so I have swapped normal chips for BNS. Basically just toss it in some oil, seasoning, paprika and roast on the highest my oven will go for 20 minutes, then turn it down a bit until they are cooked through and a bit crispy. I have been known to demolish an entire BNS cooked this way and smothered in BBQ sauce blush

LaCidrai Tue 19-Jul-11 23:11:43

There are quite a few recipes in Anna Richardson's Body Blitz book. Tried some and very nice.

Xiaoxiong Wed 20-Jul-11 12:09:24

I cut it into bite-sized cubes, roast till tender with allspice and cumin, then toss with hot boiled chickpeas or butter beans, and a lemon-garlic-tahini dressing and chopped flat leaf parsley. Lovely for dinner with some salmon.

pleasenap Wed 20-Jul-11 12:33:42

Something like this stuffed butternut squash

Think jame O did one with a rice and veg stuffing too

Roasted cubes of squash with red chilli, garlic and pinenuts in olive oil with spaghetti, loads of parmesan and rocket added at last minute.

Roasted squash and red pepper soup

Delia's oven roasted winter veg.

Butternut squash risotto with small cubes of squash and goats cheese (There's an old waitrose recipe for this)

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