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Is there a difference? (cakes)

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Pedicuri Mon 18-Jul-11 20:43:42

I have never had a food mixer, and just wondering if there is any difference in the results between beating by hand or using a mixer.
I have looked at the kitchen aid mixers but just not sure I would get my money's worth - but I do bake cakes and cupcakes all of the time.

NettoSuperstar Mon 18-Jul-11 20:46:02

Yes, they are much lighter using a mixer.
I have a Kenwood Chef and can't recommend it enough.

Pedicuri Mon 18-Jul-11 21:19:14

Ooooh thanks - will look that up.

Jux Mon 18-Jul-11 21:23:56

I recently got a mixer and can't say that I've noticed much difference tbh. My arms aren't so tired though wink. I have switched it on and left it to beat while I've started on a syrup or something. I have to say I love love love it. It's a Kenwood.

Pinner35 Mon 18-Jul-11 23:08:30

I have a kitchenaid and I love it. I use it for everything and i think the cakes are definitely better, but I've had it for 5 years and can't remember the last time inbaked without using it.

Pedicuri Tue 19-Jul-11 22:32:53

I have 50 cupcakes and a birthday cake to make this weekend - I think I'll regret not making a decision on the mixer!

Jux Wed 20-Jul-11 08:46:02

Good luck! grin

bacon Thu 21-Jul-11 13:00:23

I used to use my magimix but bought a cheap 3 prong hand mixer for £25 and love it!

Wouldnt dream of hand mixing unless its a dense cake.

Popbiscuit Thu 21-Jul-11 13:05:15

I have a kitchen aid stand mixer. I used it constantly and it's now 12 years old...never had a problem with it. If you bake lots you will LOVE it.

valiumredhead Thu 21-Jul-11 17:05:49

It's just easier and less tiring using a mixer.

pointydog Thu 21-Jul-11 17:18:08

Jusdt buy a cheap electric hand-held. You would definitley get your money's worth as it takes all the effort out of cake-making.

DaisySteiner Thu 21-Jul-11 17:25:16

I've got an ancient Kenwood Chef - I got mine from my grandmother, so I think it's probably around 30 years old now. It's fantastic, you can make cakes, bread dough, whisk egg whites, cream etc etc. You can sometimes pick them up at car boot sales or on eBay for 50 quid or so, they seem to go on forever!

valiumredhead Thu 21-Jul-11 17:27:33

I have a Kenwood Chef which I use but I use my Tesco £3 hand mixer more!

Geordieminx Thu 21-Jul-11 17:29:06

I bought a cheap Hals mixer from argos or tesco, cost less than £5 and it was def money well spent!

Next have a pink magi mix copy in just now for £35...but it's very pink grin

TheSkiingGardener Thu 21-Jul-11 17:47:11

I have a magimix and a Chef. I've gone back to my eke tric hand whisk though, much less faff!

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