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Picnic Ideas?

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gregssausageroll Sun 17-Jul-11 12:33:37

For a really good picnic with friends. I appreciate what I am about to say may come across as snobbish but last time our friends did the picnic. They gave us jam rolls and the rolls were soggy in some areas and still frozen in others. We then had a packet of crisps and a capri-sun drink. Not the kind of food we eat at all plus DH was still starving.

So, this time is my turn. Now I won't do anything fancy but I was thinking about some lovely ham and chicken with salad stuff and crusty bread?

We are all quite plain eaters so olives etc woul definitely be out but I am looking for some inspiration!

NettoSuperstar Sun 17-Jul-11 12:36:04

Home made sausage rolls, or a sliced up sausage plait.

StarryEyedMama Sun 17-Jul-11 13:04:17

Potato salad
French bread with selection of ham, cheese and pate?
Nice crisps
Cucumber/carrots/peppers with humous
A nice cake/biscuits or flapjacks
Sausage rolls and other snack bits

Taffeta Sun 17-Jul-11 13:38:23

A few really fresh french sticks
Cold meats incl small cooked sausages ( NB cook yourself the precooked ones you buy are totally vile)
Homemade cake eg lemon drizzle

ChrissasMissis Sun 17-Jul-11 15:14:54

I am desperate for a chance to make this - it looks terrific and will certainly impress:

Shell85 Sun 17-Jul-11 17:58:03

I am a total snob so I totally get where you come from. Lol

I usually do a few separate tubs with salad, cooked meats, (chicken, ham, maybe some bacon), some cheeses, hummus, roasted veg, that kind of thing.

Then I bring some lovely crusty bread rolls, some soft bread rolls (warbutons type), and some tortillas.

Then people can make their own wraps, sandwiches or salads. It usually goes down quite well, especially with fussy people.

I also bring bread sticks and dips, homemade mini sausage rolls.
Cooked pasta and some nice crisps.
With fruit and homemade cookies or cupcakes for desert.

I love picnics, we go for one most weekends.

Blu Sun 17-Jul-11 18:10:25

Chicken drumsticks - wrap foil round the end before you pack them up to make them easy to eat
Nice rolls with good ham
Tub of cherry toms, tub of other chopped salad veg which can be eaten with fingers.
Maybe sausage rolls or mini pork pies

Nice home made buns - look up a recipe for friands these look nice because they are lovely to eat but not sticky
Maybe homemade flapjack

Some gorgeous peaches or apricots and a punnet of washed cherries.

NONE of these things require any cutlery, or will result in horrible slimy half eaten tubs of stuff, and you can even manage with some good paper napkins rather than plates.

gregssausageroll Sun 17-Jul-11 18:52:34

Fab ideas thank you everyone so much. I don't want to compete with her at all but I have to take what we like which is good ham, cheeses, salads etc.

Loving the look of the raspberry things but don't like almonds but possibly something to vary a bit.

Thanks again everyone.

frenchfancy Mon 18-Jul-11 19:59:17

I like to take good ham (or sliced meat) some potato salad, some tomato salad, some paté, some fresh bread, some nice cheese and (and this is the important bit) some homemade chutney.

Without the chutney it is just plain, but add the chutney and you have a little bit of picnic magic.

I sometimes cook up some sausages for the kids as well.

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