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6 and 3 Year Old thast just wont eat.

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TigerLiliys Sat 16-Jul-11 15:19:26

My 6 year old daughter is so fuzzy with eating. She will only eat chips and chicken. No fruit or Veg, not even baked beans! My son used to be a good eater until year ago when he started to copy his sister.

She now has school dinners in hope seeing the other children eat will encourage her to try things.

Any tips?

Squiglettsmummy2bx Sat 16-Jul-11 17:28:15

My DD 8, used to only eat plain boiled pasta dipped in ketchup & some fruits. I was worried but told she would grow out of it & she has now, having school dinners with her friends really helped. My DS 5 is a fussy eater now & would live on tinned spaghetti if he could but does eat loads of fruit & veg & is slowly increasing his likes. Very randomly he will eat celery but not chips! I'm sure he will grow out of this & as both children are healthy, happy etc I'm not stressing about it which I think actually helps them try stuff more than if it is freaking you out & you try to get them to eat everything.

dreamingofsun Sun 17-Jul-11 10:29:55

I don't understand why you are letting children dictate whats for dinner. its your job as the parent to get them to eat a wide range of foods and grow up to be non-fussy eaters. i'm guessing that neither of you work and therefore you have time to pander to their wims? surely if you all sat down as a family and ate one set meal this would encourage them to widen their intake? I would never force my children to eat anything - they just don't get desert unless they eat their main course - on the assumption that they aren't hungry. food gets left there in case they need it later.

Stase Sun 17-Jul-11 11:44:01

Wow, big assumption dreaming
Some kids are just fussy eaters, and most grow out of it. The usual advice is:

let them get involved in shopping and in the kitchen
add veg to the side of the plate anyway, and don't make a fuss whether they eat it or not, they will eventually
fruit for snacks/vitamin drops to plug the gap left by veg
And obviously no dessert if they haven't tried something new
teach them to enjoy eating and the rest will eventually follow.


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