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Cheap ideas please for caravanning holiday

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mummytopebs Tue 12-Jul-11 20:50:10

We are going away in our tourer for a week., We usually eat out most of the time but havent got the funds do that at the mo. We have an electric pan, 1 hob and a microwave can anyone inspire me with some cheap easy recipes, I only have £40 shopping money for the week sad

blabalalalablabla Tue 12-Jul-11 20:53:56

pasta and tom sauce
cold meat/salad/new pots
precook a curry and reheat

do you have a freezer section?

Lilyloo Tue 12-Jul-11 20:57:12

Do you have a slow cooker ? You could take that and make loads of cheap easy meals whilst you enjoy the day out.
shepherds pie
cheap joints of meat

mummytopebs Tue 12-Jul-11 21:07:39

No dont have a freezer section or a slow cooker unfortunatly sad

blabalalalablabla Tue 12-Jul-11 21:11:15

you can cook rice in the microwave to free up space on the hob for a curry/chilli. bulk out with veg/lentils to make it go further.

thereistheball Wed 13-Jul-11 10:16:57

Veg curry or dahl (you can make before you go and defrost it en route). Eat with rice. Sweet potato, chickpea and frozen spinach, with coconut milk and green curry paste is lovely.
Corned beef or chorizo hash (chorizo, onions, red peppers, potatoes)
Pasta and sauce (make your own), or pasta with chopped frankfurters, a tin of sweetcorn and some fried onions, with grated cheese.
Make a pot of mixed veg soup before you go, and eat with cheese sandwiches for lunch (if you grate the cheese it will go further than if you eat it in lumps)
Porridge for breakfast.
Omelettes/frittatas (good for using up leftover veg) and salad. Spanish omelettes (with potatoes and onion) are nice and filling, and you can have leftovers cold. You will need to cook it on both sides til it's solid.
Sausage casserole with tinned tomatoes, white beans, carrots, cabbage.
Boiled new potatoes in vinaigrette (make the vinaigrette before you go and take in a clean screwtop jar) with bacon and spring onions, for eating with cold meats.

All the proteins here are at the cheap end of the spectrum - frankfurters, sausages, corned beef or chorizo, and of course pulses. If you can stretch to some mince, you could make a spag bol.

Hope you have a good time!

fatlazymummy Wed 13-Jul-11 11:17:31

How about taking one of those disposable barbecues? [try the pound shop for cheapness] then you could grill burgers/sausages etc.

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