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Quick (but impressive) ideas for tea for 3 x 4 yo boys?

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Geordieminx Tue 12-Jul-11 17:16:18

ds has his best friends coming over tomorrow (twins). Picking them all up after a party and bringing them here for an hour before their mum collects them.

Thought a quick tea might fill a bit of time, although there is every possibility they maye have eaten at party (no way of checking this unfortunately)

Something quick but impressive in a "we had fun and a lovely tea" kinda way?

Was thinking picnic type buffet pick what they want type thing?

thestringcheeseincident Tue 12-Jul-11 17:18:18

Pizza or Hot dogs?

Big plate of salad bits and strawberries and ice cream for dessert?

TheGoddessBlossom Tue 12-Jul-11 17:20:45

fishfingers chips and peas is always a winner on our playdates. And dead easy. My boys like to have cream cakes (those ones in a box you can get from the supermarket) - health and nutrition al the way here! grin

KnitterNotTwitter Tue 12-Jul-11 17:38:54

If there is a chance they might have already eaten make sure you do something that can be eaten cold if they don't want to eat... Sausages? Or something you can just 'whip up' like savory pancakes...

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