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Help feeding a fussy kid without a working oven!

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MakesCakesWhenStressed Fri 08-Jul-11 09:21:05

I have MiL, SiL and 4 year old nephew coming over tomorrow and our oven has broken so my original plans for oven chips and roast chicken are out - what can I make that is not too much 'nursery food' that will still be eaten by a kid that only seems to eat orange food (you know, spaghetti hoops, turkey twizzlers etc)???

Help! Is bangers and mash too childish? Has anyone got any other ideas? Thank God the pregnancy sickness has eased a little bit now so I can cope with cooking!

Xiaoxiong Fri 08-Jul-11 10:27:34

The last time a fussy child came round I made mushroom pasta which was a hit.

(Same child got macaroni cheese and a green salad the next time they came over which was also popular, but as you don't have an oven that's not much use to you).

pipkin35 Fri 08-Jul-11 10:31:41

We didn't have an oven for 3 months recently. Picnic snack food was a hit.

All tapas based stuff - filo pastries, cold meats, cocktail sausages, ready made turkey/chicken breasts, breads etc...especially a hit when all laid out and they chose themselves from a big spread? (Worked out SO expensive though)...

Got a supermarket near that does ready roasted already cooked chickens - you could still have your roast chicken then? Got a microwave? You can get ready made mash/rice that can go in microwave?

Raw orange peppers and carrots (if fussy eater will eat veg and only eats orange food)

MakesCakesWhenStressed Fri 08-Jul-11 10:59:52

Heh - when I said orange food I was being snarky and basically meant crappy ready-meal style food which always seems to be orange! I have no idea if he eats any veg, presumably frozen peas will be acceptable (I seem to be the only child who wouldn't eat those!)

I still have a working hob and grill, so I can make mash still. <HUFFS> Poor kid, it isn't his fault, he's just not used to home cooking. Perhaps I should just do bolognaise - everyone likes spag bol, don't they? I can do salad for the grown ups and french bread and butter to go with. I had forgotten about pasta options, so thankyou :-)

<bangs head on desk> I hope I don't get a picky child. Time to have a stern word with the foetus perhaps? :-D

Thank you so much for responding, I appreciate the help!

pipkin35 Fri 08-Jul-11 11:18:05

Shit - took ya literally since my DS ONLY eats orange veg - seriously...though yest he did lick a yellow pepper.

Spag bol sounds a delicious option. Maybe keep bol and spag seperate in case one of his issues is mixing of grub? My DD like this - common at this age apparantly...?!

MakesCakesWhenStressed Fri 08-Jul-11 11:27:06

OMG! Well, I'll ask before I dish up! Think I might hide some grated carrot in the bol sauce, too.

And I've just realised that none of the 'treat' foods I was going to make are viable w/o the oven, either - how can I make a cake? Eek. Must clean the damn oven so I can get the landlord to fix it! lol

Maybe my neighbour will let me cook the cake in her oven...? <ponders>

Xiaoxiong Fri 08-Jul-11 11:47:33

MakesCakes it sounds from your user name that baking is your thing but there are loads of other treats you can do (or buy!) that aren't baked. Off the top of my head:
granita (no ice-cream maker needed)
home-made ice lollies
chocolate mousse
lemon posset
eton mess
berries and cream with a slice of (bought) lemon loaf cake or madeira cake
summer pudding
caramel popcorn (made on the stovetop, this is divine)
key lime pie (no baking)
home made ice cream sandwiches using bought cookies and ice cream

Xiaoxiong Fri 08-Jul-11 11:48:26

God now I WANT an ice cream sandwich - first official pregnancy craving at 18+6!!

MakesCakesWhenStressed Fri 08-Jul-11 13:00:16

lol - I was going to make chocolate mousse, but no raw eggs for me (and I am not feeding people chocolate when I can't eat it! Torture or what?)

I also can't really get to the shops today and don't want to give DH too long a list of things to get! I'll just ask if I can use next door's oven and then it's all ready to go for tomorrow. Although, now I think about it, the cake was going to be for afternoon tea - will they be expecting a pudding? Dammit. Going to have to get DH to bring back strawberries and cream too, aren't I? <sigh>

BlueChampagne Fri 08-Jul-11 14:01:13

Posh up the bangers and mash with gravy and some nice steamed veg. In fact, to get veg down sprogs, make the mash more of a bubble and squeak affair. Sounds like some comfort food would go down a treat!

Shame about the choc mousse though!

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