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Please can someone help me before I lose the will to live.

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TheOriginalFAB Wed 06-Jul-11 19:04:44

What is the difference between plain and dark chocolate and which is nicer?

BooBooGlass Wed 06-Jul-11 19:06:13

Why not try some and find out?

BubblesMyBubbles Wed 06-Jul-11 19:08:12

Plain has more cocoa content and less sugar and milk chocolate less cocoa and more sugar to make it sweeter I think......

White chocolate isn't actually chocolate as it has no cocoa content.

That's what I was taught at school but my teacher was a bit rubbish so could be wrong....

applechutney Wed 06-Jul-11 19:16:06

Surely plain and dark chocolate are the same thing? You're not talking about the difference between plain and milk chocolate are you?

Sorry for the interrogatory manner - it's just i've always taken the words 'plain' and 'dark' to mean exactly the same thing (in a chocolate context!).

Am sure I'm right too grin.

TheOriginalFAB Wed 06-Jul-11 19:53:04

Don't like so don't want to try and no, I don't mean milk/plain. I am buying some for a gift but I can't remember if they said plain or dark and won't see them to ask.

uninspired Wed 06-Jul-11 21:26:30

I always read plain as being dark chocolate as well.

Most plain / dark chocolate lovers love Green and Blacks if that is any help

onepieceofcremeegg Wed 06-Jul-11 21:29:43

When I was little (1970s plain chocolate and dark chocolate were the same thing.

Now a lot of people use plain to mean milk chocolate with no fillings/extras. So for example cadbury's dairy milk might be described as plain. kit kat = not plain as it has wafer in. Strawberry cream again not plain as it has a filling.

Ime if the person is 40 or older, they probably mean dark chocolate if they say plain.
If you can't check with the person then buy wine or shower gel instead. grin

TheOriginalFAB Thu 07-Jul-11 08:01:21

In the shop where I buy my cooking chocolate there are milk, white, plain and dark to chose from!

I will look for a box of Green & Blacks. They are over 40 so will go with the dark chocolate.


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