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"baked fish"

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MamaChocoholic Tue 05-Jul-11 21:25:10

I went veggie around 12yo, so have no idea what baked fish is. but am trying to eat fish for health reasons. haven't got beyond smoked/poached salmon and haddock in breadcrumbs. there was lots of baked fish on the what are you eating thread. how do you bake a fish, what sort should you bake and is it easy/tasty? am not squeamish about bones etc, but can't stand fish that smells like fish (I use about two lemons in order to eat the stuff).

methodsandmaterials Tue 05-Jul-11 21:35:13

Ask for the freshest fish the fishmonger has. Whole if possible but fillets OK too.
Drizzle with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
Same in cavity and add a sprig of rosemary / thyme.
Roast in the oven until the flesh flakes easily with a fork. Your fishmonger / person behind the fish counter will be able to help you with timings.
Completely delicious.

storminabuttercup Tue 05-Jul-11 22:13:28

asda supply bags that you can bake it in and add a flavoured butter...makes it very easy.

MamaChocoholic Wed 06-Jul-11 06:11:12

thanks. doesn't matter what sort of fish then? and if I don't find bags, do I need to wrap in foil or something or just put into the oven "naked", apart from oil etc?

4merlyknownasSHD Wed 06-Jul-11 10:16:33

Wrap in foil to keep it moist.

MamaChocoholic Wed 06-Jul-11 12:03:54

thanks. I do know how to cook all manner of vegetables, honestly, just a novice at fish grin

babyocho Wed 06-Jul-11 13:57:35

Wrap in foil, in a parcel with no gaps so it steams itself and doesnt try out.

Cheria Wed 06-Jul-11 14:27:59

I often bake fish in a glass of white wine with a dash of lemon juice, sprinkle with pepper. Doesn't dry out, has a nice wine flavour, no need for much oil. It'll be trial and error the first few times, as each oven is different.

Pretty much any fish can be cooked this way.

Teapot13 Wed 06-Jul-11 19:22:58

This is a great recipe -- it looks fancy but is really simple and the flavours come out really nice.

MamaChocoholic Wed 06-Jul-11 19:42:51

that looks good. do you think it would work with haddock? am just beginning to eat fish after 25 years (and hating it before that) and haven't got as far as cod yet!

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