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What are your favourite jacket potato toppings?

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Aworryingtrend Tue 05-Jul-11 12:19:21

We are economising at present (aren't we all!) and I am trying to convince DH that yes, a filled jacket potato really is 'dinner' and not just lunch/a snack.

What are your favourite fillings for dinnertime jackets?

We have tuna mayo for lunch usually with salad so looking for alternatives.


EweLoveIt Tue 05-Jul-11 12:24:41

cottage chesse with pineapple

GetOrf Tue 05-Jul-11 12:25:02

Coronation chicken is may fave. I usually make it with scraps from a roasted chicken. Yum.

Or cheese and red onion.

5inthebed Tue 05-Jul-11 12:25:53

Baked beans and cheese

Cheese and coleslaw

Cheese savoury


Chicken mayo

Aworryingtrend Tue 05-Jul-11 13:52:03

Thanks everyone, some yummy ideas there.

What do you think, AIBU to consider this an evening meal?

pleasenap Tue 05-Jul-11 14:03:02

Stilton and bacon is my fav

I certainly would be happy with a jacket pot and salad for dinner - DH probably wouldn't.

I'd think chili in a jacket would be fairly substantial (and would still be economic as you'd probably use less mince than if you were doing it with rice).

NettoSuperstar Tue 05-Jul-11 14:05:55

Smoked mackerel pate.
Sour cream and chives.
Bean chilli.

poppyboo Tue 05-Jul-11 14:11:21

My DH was the same, until about a year ago when I started ignoring the complaints and he realised what a super easy/cheap meal it is, and really quite yummy! We have jacket potatoes stuffed with:
cheese and beans and coleslaw on the side
cheese and beans and veggie sausage on the side!
not too imaginative but lovely though, the veggie sausages are great too and they are usually under 100 cals each if any one is dieting!

WorzselMummage Tue 05-Jul-11 14:14:48

Green pesto. Yummy!

pleasenap Tue 05-Jul-11 14:27:37

Just MIL always used to have a jacket potato dinner on a Monday night for her family. So it was always the off cuts from the Sunday roast and any other bits and pieces left-over, with just a salad.

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Tue 05-Jul-11 14:34:43

Rather partial to half a pound of butter myself....

But also like:

Chilli either con carne or sin carne
Sour cream, grated cheddar and chives
Grated cheddar and onion gravy (don't knock it - it's yum!)
Crispy bacon, mushrooms, onions and pecorino
Tuna and sweetcorn mayo
Beef stroganoff - you need only really make a portion for one to serve two with a large jacket spud and salad, so still economical. And use minute steak - nice cheap cut, but feels like you're having something more expensive and substantial

notso Tue 05-Jul-11 14:53:54

We often have JP for dinner, even meat and two veg DH does.

Cheese/cream cheese/cottage cheese and bacon,
left over bolognese,
left over stew/ casserole,
left over curry and raita(SP),
bean cassoulet,
home roast ham and mushy peas,
hoummus and salad,
cheese and celery,
barbeque chicken and salad,
Jacket wedges with chilli con carne, cheese and sour cream,
Jamie Olivers super fast beef hash (mince, finely slices carrot and onion with worcestershire sauce, thyme, garlic and parsley)
Cauliflower, broccoli and leeks in cheese and mustard sauce.

I am hungry now!

Lulumama Tue 05-Jul-11 14:56:22

left over cooked chicken chopped up then mixed with chopped apple and some salad cream

prawns in creme fraiche

cottage cheese

beans and cheese

Aworryingtrend Tue 05-Jul-11 15:28:06

Thanks for all the great ideas. Just need to choose which ones to do this week now!


serin Tue 05-Jul-11 21:56:24

Mushroom stroganoff.

uninspired Tue 05-Jul-11 21:58:58

oh yum I love JP and could eat them every day but DH not keen so will need to work on converting him.

Coronation chicken deli filler [lazy] is my fave

LadyWithNoManors Tue 05-Jul-11 22:00:27

Egg mayonaise and grated cheddar cheese.

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