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advice needed for best "juicer" that pulverises carrots & ice cubes please

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nightcat Sun 03-Jul-11 20:27:20

My friend has Thermomix and uses it daily for juicing whole veg or fruit with icecubes/water/yoghourt (ie no waste) and also chopping/shredding but it also has a facility to heat/cook.
I would like just the chopper/shredder/juicer (again with no waste), but don't need heating/cooking function.
Can anyone recommend such a gadget?

CoffeeIsMyFriend Sun 03-Jul-11 20:29:49

I have a Vitamix. It is amazing, can do everything from ice cream to smoothies to soups.

nightcat Sun 03-Jul-11 20:36:58

yes, that would be a similar idea.. do I really need a separate wet & dry containers as well as the main one?
Also, is there a non-cook version, I do soups on the hob normally and use stick blender when needed.

CoffeeIsMyFriend Sun 03-Jul-11 20:38:46

you can use it as a blender/smoothie maker, dont have to use it for anything else. I only use mine for wet it is amazing, I still use my food processor for dry stuff.

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